A Research Service of:

James E. Ward, Sr.
Karen B.Ward, M.A.

We provide a professional genealogical records research service to family genealogists
and historians who need assistance in conducting research on Virginia genealogy and history.

In this effort, we provide on site research at the Library of Virginia and the Virginia Historical Society Library
as well as traveling to County Courthouses and various County & Regional
Libraries in Virginia.

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Census Research

Parish Vestry Books
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DNA Analysis
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Revolutionary Soldiers

Confederate Soldiers

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Virginia Colonial
Records Project

Colonial Virginia

Research on Pre-Revolutionary Colonial families can often be accomplished through
Parish Vestry Books and Registers as well as early county records such as; deeds, wills and court records. "The Virginia Colonial Records Project", a cooperative project by a number of educational institutions, to identify Colonial Records in British and European repositories, can also be researched for help with Virginia Genealogy.

Colonial Virginia

Research on Colonial families can sometimes be aided by the investigation of Revolutionary service records such as Pension and Bounty Warrant Applications. These applications often have information on the genealogy of Virginia families. We can search the archives of the Library of Virginia for the possible military service records of your ancestor in one of the original thirteen colonies. Click [here] for more information.

Revolutionary Soldier

Virginia Confederates:

The Civil War had a profound effect on families and is important in understanding their histories. Virginia Confederate Soldier and Widow's Pension Applications often help with the genealogy of Virginia families during this trying time in our nation's history. We can search the archives in Richmond for the available Virginia Confederate records of your ancestors. Click [here] for more information.

Confederate Soldiers

Who We Are

James E. Ward, SR.
Karen Baker Ward
M.A. - Education

We believe that professionalism in genealogy requires ethical conduct
in all relationships with the genealogical community.

We strive to promote:
-A coherent, truthful approach to genealogy, family history and local history.
-Trust and security of our genealogical consumers.
-The welfare of the genealogical community.
-The access and preservation of records.

Don't Let Them Be Forgotten!

Let us use our personal interest and knowledge in researching early Virginia families,
to help you keep your family's story alive!

Learn your family's history!

We promise a caring, personalized approach to your family research.

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